Local Support

A few Topekans have emailed ICT showing their support and understanding in light of recent events. Below are some a few emails received from members outside the Muslim community:

  • Greetings in peace and love from a neighbor in Shawnee County, I am writing to let you know that you are loved and admired as our fellow religious citizens of the Sunflower State. Your presence enriches us and we value the contributions you make to your own community, and to the world at large. I hope you realize that for every frown or look of fear you experience, there are a thousand quiet neighbors who treasure you. I wish you all the best.
  • With recent global events and the violent and ignorant reactions which tend to follow, I wanted to send you my love and support. I hope all the Muslims in and around Topeka stay safe as you go about your daily lives. I know a simple email won’t change the world, but I wanted you all to know that you have allies in Topeka (and I’m sure you already knew that, but still). 
  • Good afternoon. Wanted to let you know that we are all in this together. The Muslim community has been an innocent victim in all of this hate and violence perpetuated by ISIS as well. I’m glad you all are a part of our community in Topeka.
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