Preparing your death may seem daunting.  Don’t leave your family and friends with the burden of handling your death when you can help make the process seamless.  Below are questions we challenge you to answer and learn.
1. Do you have your Janazah kit?
    Everyone should have a Janazah kit ready because Death can come at any time.
    Jansazah kit consists of many item such as:
  • Kafan (cotton sheets unhemmed)
  • 3 piece male kit / 5 piece female kit
  • Hair and body wash (unscented)
  • 3 pairs of surgical non-latex gloves
  • 3 full body towels
  • 3 face towels/ 2 hand towels
  • comb
  • musk body oil
  • camphor cube
  • nail polish remover
  • cotton balls
  • face mask
  • apron
  • scissors
  • large Band-Aids
  • 4-6 small trash bags
2. Do you know how much a funeral costs?
It can range from $4,000 – $8,000.
3. Do you know what a Janazah service entails?
4. Did you know you must be buried within 72 hours?
5. If you have no next of kin in the US, what does the state
of Kansas do with your body?
6. If you die while on Hajj or Umrah, where are you buried?


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